About Us

Why us?

Germicidal Maids is a family-run professional cleaning service that focuses upon getting your house cleaned effortless and safe. We ensure that you get the same person coming into your home for every cleaning, and we only train the most trustworthy people to become cleaners.

Meet the Owner

My name is Michael Gottron, I am a student at UCI. I started Germicidal Maids during the shutdown with my aunt who has nearly a quarter century of cleaning experience! We combined her cleaning knowledge with the business skills that I was learning in school to create a truly great experience for our customers.

– Michael Gottron (owner)



Meet the team

Displays a photo of Judith Mejia, one of our cleaning professionals

I will never get tired of the look on our customer’s faces when they see how clean their home has become”

–  Judith (co-owner)

Lets clean!