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by Germicidal Maids


If you are a homeowner in Orange County California, to have pristine living conditions you will need to clean every aspect of your home. This means cleaning your home’s cleaning inside your home and regular dusting, cleaning the windows, the carpets, the exterior of your home, solar panels, and even garbage bins. Unfortunately finding a trustworthy company that can provide high quality service at a great price can be time consuming and difficult.

Luckily we have complied a list of recommendations for the best cleaning services in Orange County. We have only included companies that we have worked with for some time and who we would be comfortable recommending to our clients.

Best Deep Cleaning Service: Orange County Deep Cleaning

Orange County Deep Cleaning is, as far as we have seen, the only cleaning company in Orange County that focuses solely on deep cleanings.

This company specializes in performing post construction clean-ups, move-in and move out cleanings, as well as spring cleanings for when you need your whole place to be ready for a special event.

They send large crews of 3-6 people so they can quickly leave your home spotless.

They are also insured and bonded and, best of all, they will walk through the home with you after the job is done and will not leave until you are completely satisfied.

Orange County Deep Cleaning is the best option for Deep Cleanings especially when you have a very large job and you want to be certain that it can be completed without issues.

You can contact them at (949) 312-1078

Window Cleaning: Elite Shine Window Cleaning

This is one of the best window cleaning companies that we could recommend in the OC area. As a house cleaning company ourselves, many of our clients ask us for window cleaning recommendations. We have tried several window cleaning companies out to refer our clients to, and none of them performed consistently as well as Elite Shine.

The Owners, Miranda and Javier are a nice couple from San Juan Capistrano.

They are personable, they communicate very well through text, or phone call, their prices are reasonable. They are also very honest and upfront with their service and their pricing.

We have followed up with every single person we have referred them to and they have all been thrilled with the quality of the window cleaning, the customer service, and the price.

Elite Shine offers interior and exterior window cleaning, screen cleaning, and gutter cleaning.

If you need a window cleaning and are searching for a company that consistently does a great job at a fair price in the Orange County area, Elite Shine has yet to dissapoint.

You can contact them at 949-464-7344

Best House Keeping or Maid Service: Germicidal Maids

For regular recurring house cleaning Germicidal Maids is one of the best bets. While this is a shameless self promotion, we only promote ourselves because we know we are one of the best options for house cleaning in Orange County.

We are the best because we are one of the highest paying cleaning services in Orange County.

One of the biggest problems that most cleaning services enounter is employee turn-over. This occurs because most services do not pay sufficiently and they quit in search of another job.

This means that you, the client, will have a revolving door of cleaners coming in and out of your home.

This means that the cleaners will constantly be new and never learn how to clean your home well. It is also stressful to continuously vet how trustworthy they are.

At Germicidal Maids House Cleaning, employees very rarely quit because of our pay and the relationship that we foster with out cleaners. We only hire cleaners with at least a decade of cleaning experience, and when hiring, integrity is the most important factor that we look for.

Germicidal Maids also has all of the trappings of a high-end cleaning provide all of the cleaning equipment, we are local to Orange County, we offer flexible scheduling and payment options, we offer quality control, and we offer great customer service allowing you to switch the date of your cleaning or your cleaner at any time.

Finally, we can guarantee that we will give you your free time back and ensure that your house is sparkling and ready to accept new visitors.

You can contact us at (949) 359-3284 or use our booking link here

Best Carpet Cleaning Company: Kona Carpet & Tile Cleaning

Kona is an excellent carpet cleaning that has been around for half a decade. I have actually used them for some of my own carpet cleaning and there is a lot that we like about this service.

The owner, Jason, makes sure that each job is done to a high standard. He is also local to Orange County, as I believe he is a San Clemente resident.

Kona utilizes flat rate pricing so you can easily call and get an accurate quote over the phone.

Kona also features great customer service. Kona has an office dedicated to scheduling and answering the phone, meaning you can expect quick communication and a quick pick-up time as the owner isn’t answering the phone while cleaning carpets.

We have also referred Kona to several of our clients for carpet cleaning and we have seen high satisfaction with each of them.

Kona provides powerwashing, upholstery services, and natural tile and stone polishing as well.

Kona has not just proven themselves with our personal carpets and the carpets of our clients. Between their Google, Home advisor, and Yelp profiles, they average 4.9 to 5 stars with exactly 339 reviews, meaning they have consistently proven they can do an excellent job time and time again.

For these reasons, Kona is our top pick for carpet cleaning in the OC area.

You can contact them at (949) 278-8052

Best Trash Bin Cleaning Service: Beach City Bin Cleaners

Not only is Beach City Bin Cleaners the best garbage bin cleaning service in the county, they are the only option for this sort of service.

Beach City Bin Cleaners is a father and daughter team where the father drives the truck and performs all of the manual bin cleaning while the daughter focuses on marketing and customer service.

They utilize an environmentally and neighbor concious approach to trash can cleaning. They utilize an environmentally friendly soap to dunk the bins in, mitigating the risk of chemicals polluting our local wildlife.

In addition, rather than spraying the trash bins on the street, they dunk the containers into a water basin within their truck. This means that they don’t run the risk of unintentionally soaking driveways and cars.

This company has a great reputation online as well. They earned 46 reviews on google, and 8 reviews on yelp. In addition, they earned a glowing mention from the San Clemente Times.

To Contact Beach City Bin Cleaners, you can call them at 949-503-4052

Toss – It Junk Removal

If you need to clean up junk, this is the company for you. We have had a few clients that have requested junk removal along with their move-out cleanings and we have contracted Toss-it for the job.

Toss-it has a very transparent pricing structure where you can price by amount of space that the junk takes in a fairly large truck. In addition you can set a budget and have the crew only haul away the amount you specified.

Toss-it Junk removal is also against waste. They donate used goods to thrift stores whenever they can to ensure that items are reused rather than discarded while saving our land-fills.

Most importantly, the crew is quick, honest, and easy to communicate with.

You can contact Toss-it at (949) 375-2229


The preceeding companies are all our top personal recommendation for your cleaning needs. Each of them has earned our highest recommendation.