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Clean Dog

We love our pets. Especially if you have an adorable little teddy bear of a dog (my dog featured above).

However, as much as we love our furry friends they can be a pain to clean up after. Especially given the propensity to drop hair everywhere, use every room as a toilet, and slobber and run into everything.

As a professional cleaning service our customers regularly hire us to clean up after some very messy dogs. Over years of doing this, we gathered a collection of clever tricks to keep our client’s homes clean, even with a pet (or multiple).

Keeping a Home Clean with Dogs by Controlling Dog Hair

Cleaning Dog hair is one of the most aggravating aspects of cleaning up after a dog. The hair is practically endless, and for some breeds, accumulates very quickly. If you are the owner of a dog who generously leaves clumps of hair all over your floors, you would benefit from the following protocol to keep your home as clean as possible.

Control Dog Hair with Dog Gates

First, make sure that your pet does not enter your room or your bed. While it might feel nice to snuggle with your pet, it is actually harmful to the cleanliness and health of your home. According to the EPA, allowing pets into your room or bed can actually trigger asthma symptoms.

Designating certain areas in your home as “off limits” to pets can further prevent the spread of pet hair droppings. Using a dog fence with a gate can help you control which areas that your pet can and cannot go, making it easier for you to clean up after them.

Another tip to make pet hair clean up easier is the use of furniture covers and dog beds. Purchase a nice cushion or dog bed and place it where your dog likes to spend the most time. This will help ensure that most of the hair collects in its dog designated area, rather than throughout the house making it easier to clean.

However, when using dog gates, it is very easy to forget to clean under the gate and lots of dog hair and dander can accumulate, a quick wipe-down with a microfiber cloth can make a huge difference!

Keep Your House Clean with Dogs with a Roomba

Automate Cleaning up pet hair. Cleaning up after pets, especially when you have multiple shedding dogs, is exhausting. Thus, the most sustainable way to keep a home clean with pets, or to prepare for guests is to have someone else do it. The Roomba is a great option for floors if you have a pet that does a lot of shedding. The Roomba only needs to be activated by the touch of a button and it will commence vacuuming the pet hair without you needing to lift a muscle. This is particularly effective if you have followed the steps above and have confined your dog to specific portions of the house.

However, some dog breeds such as German Shepherds have hair that quickly clogs Roombas. According to Chase Roseberry, who owns a German Shepherd and manages the dog blog BuzzPetz “A solid product we found is the Tineco vacuum. It’s manual, unlike the Roomba, but it’s also lightweight, cordless, and self-cleaning. It mops and vacuums, cleaning up dog hair quite well.”

Products for Pet Hair and Upholstery

Sometimes pet hair is stubborn, whether you are using an automated roomba, or vacuuming manually, separating pet hair and upholstery is a dirty job.

One of the easiest products to use are lint rollers. This is especially true for beds and upholstery where using a vacuum can actually damage the fabrics of the material. Cleaning the pet hair off these surfaces with a lint roller is one of the safest and easiest way to do it.

Another product that many have found useful are carpet scrapers. According to Kenetia Lee, who reviewed the uproot scraper “The pros are that it’s more sustainable and involves creating less waste (no more reams of lint roller sheets discarded into the trash bin), and definitely pulls up hair and fur in nice big clumps”

However, Lee also noted that the scraper can “uproot” some more delicate fabrics along with the hair.

Finally, another unconventional method for cleaning pet hair involves using a pumice stone. Similar to the carpet scraper, a pumice stone can also remove large amounts of pet hair while causing minimal damage to carpets and leaving behind no debris, even after a vigorous scrub.

Use Baking Soda to Freshen up After Removing Dog Hair

Many pet owners are all too familiar with the lingering scents and dander that come with housing our furry friends. According to Keller Tiemann, creator of, a lesser-known tip for maintaining a fresh-smelling home is to use baking soda, a natural odor neutralizer. Keller who owns two Belgian Shepherds, a Doberman and fosters dogs regularly recommends sprinkling baking soda on the designated dog areas before vacuuming them. It not only helps loosen hairs for a better cleaning job but it also removes odors in the process.

Hire a Home Cleaning Service to Keep your House Clean With Dogs.

While Roombas are an excellent tool to automate pet hair cleanup, they cannot be confined to the floors and cannot clean everything. This is problematic as many pets will get pet hair on the baseboards as well. In addition, the mess they make is not limited to hair, but also scuff marks and slobber which they love to get onto walls, doors, cabinets, and every other surface of your house. For your own sanity, and in the event that you are having guests over, hiring professionals may be the best option.

House cleaning on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis can keep pet dirt manageable and eliminate the buildup of hair, saliva, and scuff marks which is common in the homes of pet owners.

In addition, a regular house cleaning service can prevent structural damage to the home caused by shedding pets. According to the owner of Fantastic Cleaners, pet hair and saliva can make its way underneath the baseboards and begin to rot your baseboards from within, causing costly damage. This is why it is important to hire a regular cleaning service.

If you live in the Orange County area, Germicidal Maids is a great, pet friendly option for house cleaning.

Keeping a Home Clean with Dogs by Cleaning Your Dog Before it Enters Your Home.

Dogs are outdoor creatures. They love to spend time outside playing in the sun. Unfortunately this means that sometimes they bring all of that fun and sunshine back indoors with them. Thus, these dogs will often track dirt, mud, sticks, and leaves onto your wood floors, vinyl, or even carpeting.

To prevent your dog from dropping his newly acquired coat of grime all throughout your home, it would make sense to clean your dog before allowing him back into your home after walks. Simply wipe his paws clean and ensure that any major dirt or leaves are brushed off before the dog is permitted to enter your home.

Proper Grooming to Protect Your Home From your Dog

Trimming your dog’s nails is important for its health and cleanliness. According to the Advanced Pet Vet: “ long nails create potential issues for animals — a splayed foot, reduced traction, deformed feet, and even injured tendons over time. As long nails hit the ground, it puts force on the foot and leg structure. This force can potentially lead to arthritis and ongoing pain.”

It is also important for your home’s cleanliness. When your dog’s nails are too long they inadvertently hit the surface of the floor whenever your dog walks, or runs, around your home. This causes damage and scuff marks to hard floors and can cause carpeting to tear if it gets caught in the dog’s nails.

Keeping a Home Clean with Dogs: Final Remarks

In conclusion, keeping a home clean with pets can be difficult, if not, downright stressful, however with a combination of the cleaning strategies in this article including containing your dog’s mess, automated cleanings with a roomba or cleaning service, using covers for areas the dog likes to be or even using a lint roller for bedding and upholstery, you can keep a clean home and enjoy the love of your adorable canine without the stress of the mess.

If you would like help keeping up with your OC pet clean up call us at 9493593284.