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by Germicidal Maids


Not using shoes makes your house cleaner

Over the years, we have entered countless homes and have noticed that the homeowners in the cleanest homes all had something in common.

Cleanliness habits

The best thing about these mini-routines is that they require very little work, but they save a lot of time with your house cleaning.

1. Do Not Wear Shoes Indoors

Carpets and wood floors are very easy to keep clean if you do not wear shoes indoors.

Not wearing shoes also prevents tracking in dust and other particulates making it unnecessary to clean your home as often.

When we clean homes we often wear shoe covers to make sure that we do not get the carpets dirty.

Not wearing shoes is good for keeping Asphalt from the streets from getting onto your carpet.

Wearing socks is also a good idea because oil from your bare feet can stain carpets as well.

Removing your shoes will not make your carpets cleaner, but they will prevent them from getting dirty

If your carpets are already dirt, and you need to reset, we recommend hiring a professional.

Art’s Carpet Cleaning Service always does a great job. We have hired them for our own home and recommended them to many of our clients who have all been happy. They also service San Clemente.

2. Clean For 10 Minutes Each Day

Messes get bad because they build up over time.

It is very easy to clean up a little bit as messes happen.

If you clean for a few minutes each day after anything gets dirty, your cleaning workload will never get that bad.

3. Hire a Local Cleaning Company (We will clean your house if you live in San Clemente)

Hiring a cleaning company for a recurring service whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning is extremely helpful for keeping your space clean.

Cleaning and putting things away for 10 minutes each day and not wearing shoes can keep your place tidy, but if you really want it to always be clean, hiring a cleaning service is a good idea.

Spending several hours deep cleaning removes deep grime and dirt that would not have been removed other wise and that builds up and is generally unpleasant to look at and unsanitary.

Our post on how to deep clean a kitchen has great information on kitchen cleaning but also has great tips for general cleaning.

This sort of cleaning will take the average person 5-6 hours and they are likely to miss a lot of the essentials.

Professional house cleaners are more thorough and will do the job much more efficiently.

If you live in San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, or Dana Point, we can provide you with a great house cleaning. Book with us here!