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The cleanliness of a building, whether home or office, is one of those things everybody takes for granted. People want the outside and inside of their homes and places where they work, play or shop to be clean. Everyone expects this, even if they are not so clean themselves.

People use the cleanliness of the space as a measure of the quality of the people who live in it. If a home is tidy and spotless, we view the people who live in it as being worthy of respect. Conversely, we look down on the inhabitants of any dirty space.

For all of us, cleanliness is not just about the absence of filth. We attach a value to cleanliness that is beyond its sanitary benefits. The cleanliness of a person’s home gives us a preview of their character. We cannot trust them if they don’t handle something as basic as cleaning.

The truth is that people are going to judge you by how clean your home is. That is why Peak Residential in Citrus Heights says cleanliness is one of the most powerful selling points, whether you are about to sell that house or simply entertaining guests.

How should you clean your home?

Like most things in life that are taken for granted, not several people understand how hard it is to keep a home clean consistently. Almost everyone underestimates the effort that goes into cleaning a house. Most people think cleaning is easy. Therefore anyone can do it.

That is why homeowners often don’t consider the option of hiring a professional to keep their homes clean. They mostly settle for an amateur cleaner or try to clean the house themselves. This is one of the main reasons why most homes are not as clean as they should be.

The home is cleaned in a haphazard manner that doesn’t yield the best results. Moreover, more time is spent on cleaning than is necessary. The homeowners find that their cleaning routine is taking valuable time and energy from more enjoyable or profitable activities.

Some homeowners take a different approach by hiring a professional cleaner to clean their homes once in a while. But since this person comes occasionally, the results are inconsistent. The home is clean and tidy for a few days before returning into chaos.

These two house-cleaning strategies don’t work; they fall short of homeowners’ goals. There has to be a better way to clean your home than these two options. Yes, there is. The best way to get quality cleaning in your home in a consistent manner is a recurring cleaning service.

What is a recurring cleaning service, and why do you need one?

It is a house cleaning service done on a schedule agreed upon by the homeowner and the service provider. Instead of the homeowner hiring a professional cleaner whenever they think their home needs cleaning, this service is pre-scheduled. The frequency of the cleaning service can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

A recurring cleaning service is customized to the unique needs of the home. It can include the entire home or exclude certain areas in the house, such as guest rooms or other spaces that are used infrequently. It typically involves deep-cleaning the different surfaces in the home at least once a month.

In many cases, the homeowner is expected to do a walkthrough of the home after it has been cleaned. That is to verify that the cleaner did a professional job. Some professional cleaning companies will even offer a 24-hour guarantee if the homeowner is unavailable to inspect the home.

What are the benefits of a recurring cleaning service?

Consistent quality cleaning

The first benefit of hiring a recurring cleaning service is that your home will get the quality cleaning you see on display in five-star hotels. Also, this level of cleanliness will become the minimum standard of cleanliness for your home because the professional cleaner can replicate that result every single time.

Prevent wear and tear

Most homeowners are unaware of the role cleaning agents and methods play in degrading their homes. Residues from the wrong cleaning solutions will help to wear walls and fabrics down. Professional cleaners help to preserve the surfaces and fabrics in your home by using the right cleaning methods.

Reduce allergens

One of the impacts of hiring a professional cleaner who can deep-clean your home on a schedule is that the people in the home are healthier. There will be fewer cases of allergies and other respiratory problems caused by the buildup of dust, mites, mold spores and dander on carpets and furniture or inside air vents.

Save time

Instead of being stressed out from house chores, a recurring cleaning service gives you the freedom to spend more time with your family. You can direct some of that free time into activities that you enjoy or those that help you make more money. Hiring a recurring cleaning service will improve your family’s quality of life.

Entertain without fear

You will never have to go into a house-cleaning frenzy every time someone is about to visit your home. When entertaining guests, you will not be stressed from all the cleaning that precedes or follows the event. You will have the energy to be fully present with your guests and enjoy yourself.

Reduce pest problems

A clean house – one that is consistently clean – does not offer many hiding places for insects or rodents. There is no food for pests to live on, and the thoroughness with which the home is cleaned means their habitats are often disrupted. A recurring cleaning service will help you solve your pest problem.

Lastly, when you hire a recurring cleaning service for your home, you reduce stress. You will always come home to a home that is tidy and fresh-smelling. That alone is more than enough reason to hire a recurring cleaning service today.