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by Germicidal Maids


When marketing a rental property, many property managers overlook the power of simple things.

They give attention to improving the various aspects of the home’s curb appeal. They may even update the appliances and renovate parts of the home. Some managers will go as far as to hire a professional photographer to take pictures that make a good impression online.

But few managers think of using cleanliness as an instrument to market their rental. Of course, no manager will leave their rental dirty and untidy; they will make an effort to clean it.

The problem is they do not assign a high degree of importance to how they clean the home. This is because most property managers do not understand the power of cleanliness as a marketing tool.

This is why managers assume they can clean the rental by themselves. When they don’t do this, they hire an amateur cleaner to do the dirty work. But in doing this, managers inadvertently shoot themselves in the foot. They lose the opportunity to use the rental property’s level of cleanliness as a way to improve the impact of everything else they have done.

Are you a property manager who is making this mistake? Do you assume that cleaning a home is a task anyone can do and therefore do not see the need to hire an expert cleaner to clean your rentals? If you are doing this, then this may be why potential renters who seem to love the home suddenly lose interest after seeing the property.

Why you need a cleaning service for your rental property

At Germicidal Maids, we understand the challenges property managers face and why they may see hiring a professional cleaner as a waste of money.

This is why we go out of our way to educate the property managers we work with on why their approach to cleaning matters. We help them see that this is an investment and a strategy to improve their business.

Here are the things a professional rental cleaning service can do for you and why you should rethink your
approach to cleaning your rentals, particularly if that rental property is in Orange County.

  • Consistency in the level of service Rental properties are supposed to be kept in a “reasonable state of cleanliness” but what does that mean?

    Landlords, property managers, amateur cleaners, and renters all have their opinion on what “clean” means. But a professional rental cleaning service such as Germicidal Maids has fixed standards of cleanliness that always exceed expectations (you can see the lengths we go through to deep clean the average kitchen here) and never leaves you questioning if you have met cleanliness standards for your guests. They ensure the home is cleaned to a professional standard of cleanliness every time.

  • Make the right first impression When trying to persuade a prospective renter to lease an Orange County rental home, the little things matter. Renters know you will go out of your way to impress them so they look for the small signs. They inspect cupboards for dust and check the skirting for grime. They pay attention to the common areas if the home is a multifamily home. Tenants do this to get an idea of how attentive to details a manager is.
  • Saves you money There are two ways in which hiring a good cleaning service can save money for your Orange
    County property.

    Firstly, a professional cleaning service will slow the wear and tear of the materials in the home and help reduce your maintenance costs.

    How does a company like Germicidal Maids do this? We understand how the germs, grime, and chemicals that
    cling to fabrics and surfaces accelerate their breakdown. We also know the right cleaning solutions and methods to remove dirt without damaging the materials.

    The second way we can help your property can make you more cash is by reducing the time between when a tenant moves out and when the rental is ready for showing.

    As an experienced cleaning service, we can move to clean a home the day it becomes empty and has it ready in less than 24 hours. Also, because the rental market in Orange County is so competitive, it is always important not to go cheap on your cleaning (you can find how much an average house cleaning should cost in Orange County here)

  • Help your company build an impeccable reputation Property managers’ business relies heavily on word-of-mouth referrals; tenants who visit or vacate the property will spread the word about your level of service. When you work with us, you can be sure the words they are spreading are good ones.

    Hiring us to clean your rental is an investment in yourself as it will give you more time to build your business. In addition, outsourcing your cleaning will make potential renters deem you as more professional; a quality that will let you attract even more property owners.

Cleaning your rental property should never be done to a “reasonable” state of cleanliness; it should be done to the highest level of cleanliness. If you are in Orange County and looking for the best rental cleaning, give Germicidal Maids a call.